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Help with your Trademark issues

Do you need advice on how to protect your brand? Or assistance through the trademark application process? We’re here to help you get through. 

Help with Copyright

Do you need advice on how copyrights arise? Or a better understanding on what work is protected by copyrights? We’re to simplify the complex stuff. 

Help with infrgingement action

Is someone using the same name as you and you don't know if you can stop them? 

Are you worried that your copyrights are being infringed? Did someone use your song without your permission ? We are here to help. 

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Our aim at YMB is to empower and prepare music creative and entrepreneurs with all the knowledge they need.  With the realisation that many starting in the business don’t have big lawyer budgets, we are passionate about bridging the gap, making day to day legal and business affairs support accessible to all.

YMB offers consultancy is here t help with the important legal and business aspects of your career. 

Including but not limited to: 

Contract Review 

Negotiation Advice

Bespoke contract drafting 

Record Contract | Management Contract | 360s | Distribution | Publishing | Video Production 


If we can't help we're sure our friends can. At YMB we are fortunate to have a strong network of notable industry professionals with years of experience. Through our referral system we can put you in touch with cross sector professionals to assist with your career , from lawyers to PRs we've got you covered. 

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