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1.Tasha Demi & Whitney Asomani

This dynamic duo have certainly left their imprint on 2020 which saw the launch of their

Marketing agency ‘Twenty:Two Agency”. With a strong foot in the door as marketing and product executives at various major labels and media houses

they have delivered for artists such as Loki, Aitch, NSG and Burna Boy, to name a few. With less than 12 months in existence Twenty:Two Agency has already inked deals with the likes of Universal, Ditto and Atlantic. This is only the beginning, we salute you!

2.Shaunie Caballero

She’s a publishing powerhouse who as founder of ‘The Go2Agencies’ helps a roster of artists and producers ensure their royalties are in check.

As well as bossing the publishing world making sure creators get paid, she dedicates much of her time educating and consulting people on royalties and publishing. She also has huge ambitions to bring music education to Africa and the Caribbean with the goal of working alongside stakeholders to build the proper infrastructures necessary for artists to earn fairly from their music.

3.Dellessa James

For years we knew her as the woman behind Charlie Sloth connecting all the dots and making it happen but 2020 saw Dellessa’s career taking a new direction when she was appointed Senior Artists Relations Manager at Amazon Music. She’s already made her mark and proven why she is the woman for the job with the launch of the +44 playlist encapsulating the entire scene and culture, much more than just a playlist, more like a movement. We know the dozens of +44 billboards across the city this year are only a small indication of what’s to come from her as she strategises Amazon Music’s ambitions to dominate the music landscape.

4.Nadia Khan

Artist Manager by day and music industry rights activist also by day because this woman does it all, anytime, any-day. Not only is she Lethal B’s longtime manager (and other artists) she is the founder of ‘Women in CTRL’ which aims to educate and empower women in the creative industries as well as combat inequality. This year Women in CTRL released their ‘Seat at the Table’ report which published some key findings on gender and race inequality within the UK Music Business. Her work is entirely dedicated to championing those who are under-cheered, to ensure we can all have a seat at the table! You inspire us Nadia!

5.Sheniece Charway

Named by Complex as one of 10 Black British Music Execs Shaking the System, it is no surprise that she’s landed on our list. From marketer at Columbia Records this year saw her appointment as Artist Relations Manager at Youtube Music and she hasn’t wasted anytime in bossing this role. One of her many successes this year includes the role out of the ‘Legacy Series’ which showcases and celebrates the close marriage between Fashion and Music particularly focusing on the contributions of Black creatives. With billboards all around town and a Westfield Pop-up store fans were able to enjoy live performances from artists such as George The Poet, NSG and Ms.Banks, as well as shop pieces from iconic fashion houses.

6.Whitney Boateng & Bianca Wilson

Collectively they have sold millions of records and booked sold out tours for some of the biggest artists of today. This year saw these two friends and colleagues in the game come together to launch the ‘Bold Women Win Big’ foundation which aims to help increase access to the music business. This year they hosted their first virtual live event to introduce their initiative and share their ambitions.

7.Remi Burgz

She’s known for the energy she brings to her sets. From Represent Radio, Dj-ing for Shaybo and everything in-between as one of London’s most trusted tastemakers, 2020 has seen her land a brand new show on BBC 1XTRA as the voice of weekend mornings. We know that what we have witnessed on Remi’s journey so far is only the beginning and look forward to what’s to come.

8.No Signal Radio

They took ‘Quarantine Radio’ to a whole other level!! The cultural significance of ‘There is No Signal Radio’ is absolutely undeniable, they have kept us entertained throughout lockdown with various versus battles, social commentary and artist interviews but they have proven that they are here to stay. Having successfully raised capital to take their ambitions further No Signal now operate from a fully loaded HQ with premium equipment ready to carry the future of radio on their shoulders!

9.Ashleigh Jayde

Her CV is way too loaded to note all of her accomplishments, but one thing we can tell you is that a pandemic is not enough to slow down her force. As one of the few women directors on the scene Ashleigh has thoroughly made her talents known directing some of the hottest music videos of 2020 from Lavidaloca ft Lafamilia - No snack to Skepta,Chi & Young Adz - Waze. As well as holding it down on UK talent show ‘Rape Game UK’ and taking her production company ‘Dynasty Entertainment’ to new heights. We know that 2021 will only bring bigger things! We’ve watched her for a long time and her work ethic is second to none!

10.Henrie Kwushue

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’d know that this name rings bells and 2020 is truly the year all the stars aligned for this rising star presenter and DJ. Many of us were first introduced to her through Represent Radio and various other hosting gigs, but 2020 saw her crack new ceilings after landing the lead hosting gig for Spotify’s ‘Who We Be Talks’ alongside Harry Pinero and most recently landing her very own show on Kiss FM. Keep shining girl!

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