Our aim at YMB is to empower and prepare music creative and entrepreneurs, with the realisation that many starting in the business don’t have big lawyer budgets, we are passionate about bridging the gap, making day to day legal and business affairs support accessible to all.

YMB offers legal consultancy to artists, creative and industry professionals assisting in the important legal matters arising in the music industry at affordable rates.

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Let Us Do The Hard Bits ....

        YMB offers consultancy, review and drafting on the following key agreements:

Management Contract 

The relationship you have with your manager is probably the most important one you will have in your career, your manager goes to battle and helps you navigate this complex industry while you focus on your craft. The management contract governs the key terms of your business relationship, this has to be carefully negotiated and drafted. Let us guide you through the process and help you understand the key terms to look out for. 

Record Contract- 360 Deals 

For many artists a record contract is like gold dust, obtaining one is the objective of the hustle. This is the agreement between the artists and a record label which governs the label’s right to distribute and promote a record(s) which the agreement is subject to.   

However, record sales no longer form the bulk of an artist’s income and with the rise of live event ticket prices, the merchandising industry and the increasing powers of publishers and collection societies, there are several more lucrative revenue streams for record labels to exploit. 360 deals allow labels to tap into other income activities in addition to record sales.

Signing a record contract or 360 deal is a huge milestone in your career. These agreements can often be complex documents. Let us guide you through the process and help you get past the legal jargon. Our aim is to empower you with an understanding of the conditions that can determine the course of your career.

Publishing Contracts 

There are a number of different types of publishing agreements, they are probably the most complex agreements that arise in music and can be a daunting experience for the artist. Generally, a publishing contract an artists grants rights to the publisher for a particular song or songs, which the publisher can then exploit across various mediums. The most common publishing deals you will encounter are: 1. Co-publishing agreement, 2. Single song agreement or 3. Exclusive song writer agreement, though various others exist.

The nature of your contact terms will vary depending on what type of agreement you have, but the key elements tend to look out for tend to be quite similar. Let us help you figure it all out.

Video Production Contracts 

Every artist will need a video at some point, this agreement is a contract between a video production company / person and the label /artists whereby the video maker is commissioned to produce it. As a video producer you want to make sure that you have an agreement in place which protects your business and time invested. Let us help you make sure the agreement works for you. 


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