Fyre festival arranged by Ja Rule and Billy McFarland has just been hit with a $100 Million lawsuit. Attorney to the stars Mark Geragos brought the class action law-suit in today. The case anticipates over 150 plaintiffs to be involved. The claim accuses the festival organisers of misrepresentation, false advertisement, stating that "lack of inadequate food, water, shelter and medical case created a dangerous and panicked situation among attendees - suddenly finding themselves stranded on a remote island without basic provisions." 

We have been following this story closely, with statements by attendees reporting on the substandard conditions they met with some saying that the festival was more like "the Hunger Games" than the luxury festival that was promised. The festival was expected to feature live performances by the likes of Designer, Pusha T, Disclosure, Major Lazor and star appearances by the likes of Kulie Jenner and Bella Hadid. 

In describing the horror experienced by attendees the suits states  "Attendees’ efforts to escape the unfolding disaster were hamstrung by their reliance upon Defendants for transportation, as well as by the fact that Defendants promoted the festival as a 'cashless' event—Defendants instructed attendees to upload funds to a wristband for use at the festival rather than bringing any cash," ..."As such, Attendees were unable to purchase basic transportation on local taxis or busses, which accept only cash. As a result of Defendants’ roadblocks to escape, at least one attendee suffered a medical emergency and lost consciousness after being locked inside a nearby building with other concert-goers waiting to be airlifted from the island."

Gerago's office posted this statement on twitter regarding the Fire festival class action. 

Gerago's office posted this statement on twitter regarding the Fire festival class action. 

Both Ja Rule and McFarland have released public statements apologising for the catastrophic festival and defending its outcome as "unforeseen  circumstances". Geragos, however, grants no leniency to the pair and described the festival as  "nothing more than a get-rich-quick scam from the very beginning, to fleece attendees for hundreds of millions of dollars by inducing them to fly to a remote island without food, shelter or water—and without regard to what might happen to them after that.”

The most shocking part of the lawsuit is an allegation that Ja Rule and McFarland personally reached out to some of the scheduled performances and celebrity friends warning them not to attend, suggesting that they were well aware of the impending disaster before the festival took place. The suit reads "personally reaching out to performers and celebrities in advance of the festival and warned them not to attend—acknowledging the fact that the festival was outrageously underequipped and potentially dangerous for anyone in attendance."

More on this story as it unfolds, this will be an interesting legal battle. 

See the court document below.