Tim Westergren - Photo by: Alex Wong 

Tim Westergren - Photo by: Alex Wong 

Pandora CEO releases memo to staff following Donald Trump's executive order to ban entry by immigrants from various muslim nations into the U.S. The ban which has been labeled the 'ban on muslims' has disgusted the Global community and has provoked reactions from the Music World. In the memo obtained by Billboard  Pandora CEO Tim Westergren says that "immigration is central to everything we do as a company". 

Sent: Sunday, January 29, 2017 6:43 PM
Subject: Executive Order on Immigration

Hi everyone,

As news of the executive order on immigration continues to escalate, we are monitoring developments closely.

We have employees who we support through the immigration process and our most immediate priority is looking out for their well-being. We know that some of you may have family or friends who are directly impacted by this and are understandably concerned. Immigration is not only core to our strength as a nation, it is central to everything we do as a company - the product we create, the service we provide and of course the wonderful, global music we play for our listeners. It has brought many of our valued coworkers, peers, and friends to us, and we will do whatever is needed to keep them secure. If you or your family is impacted, please contact your HR business partner for immediate support.

This could impact some of our key partners, as well as the entire artist community. We stand in solidarity with them.

As we navigate new challenges and perspectives, the bedrock of our Pandora Principles will continue to guide us in how we operate and make decisions impacting our business and our employees. We are a company based on the idea of respect for every individual. Diversity makes us stronger. And the world of music is made richer by it. Through music, we have the privilege to play a meaningful and positive role in the lives of people.

We want Pandora to be a welcoming space for all our employees, always. That's our commitment to you and to one another. We are here for you.