More Heat in the Kesha and Dr. Luke case!

As many know this case is rooted by allegations of being raped and drugged borught by Kesha against Dr.Luke. Part of her claim is a quest to be released from any contractual obligations she has to him. The biggest one of which being a record deal Kesha signed to Dr.Luke's Sony Music subsidiary label Kemosabe Records. Dr.Luke has since countered the claims stating that the allegations are untrue and defametory. 

The case has endured various complexities and back and forths since proceedings again, perhaps the most profound moment was when Keshia dropped the sex abuse claims. However, after both sides appealed to a New York court to amend their counterclaims, it seems that the abuse kesha is alleged to have suffered at the hands of Dr.Luke still very much characterise the basis of her claim. In an effort to try again after previously failing to obtain an injunction for relief from her contract, the revised counterclaim opens with the statement "You can get a divorce from an abusive spouse...You can dissolve a partnership if the relationship becomes irreconcilable. The same opportunity -- to be liberated from the physical, emotional, and financial bondage of a destructive relationship -- should be available to a recording artist.

In February 2016 Kesha was successful in obtaining an interim injunction which allows, pending her release fromt he contract under Sony, for her to record music and work with other people other than Dr.Luke. Her counsel, however, feel this is insufficient sating "Kesha Rose Sebert is, for the time being, no longer forced to record in the same room with Lukasz 'Dr. Luke' Gottwald, the abusive music producer who has had her under contract for the past eleven years. But allowing Kesha to make music outside Dr. Luke’s presence does not free her from her abuser's control."

Kesha has since started recording a new album but the curse of Dr.Luke lingers, the singer claims that she continues to be punished under his control claiming that the project is being sabotaged, with no release date, approval or promotion surrounding the project. Additionally, Kesha's camp claims that she is owed money for unpaid royalties stating Dr. Luke  "Still, he has not paid her all of the amounts owed. Dr. Luke has similarly worked to deprive Kesha of royalties from 'Timber,' the multimillion-unit hit that she recorded and co-wrote with Pitbull. Until the issue was raised with the Court, Kesha had received none of the recording royalties or publishing royalties on 'Timber' she was owed"

Dr.Luke's camp vehemently deny all allegations stating that Kesha and her team  "embarked on a conscious and coordinated effort to 'blacklist him from the music industry" and are circulating "bogus internet petitions". 

It seems that this long running case will get a lot worse before it gets better. With Dr.Luke's companies operating under Sony Music contracts set to expire in March this year, Kesha's team fear that "The end of this contract means that Sony may no longer have any role in the creation of Kesha’s music, leaving Kesha’s livelihood in the hands of a person aiming to bankrupt her and her family through litigation, cutting off her legitimately earned income, and personally humiliating her as he has done for years. Without the Court’s intervention and Sony’s facilitation, Kesha will remain contractually bound to Dr. Luke until she releases three additional albums, each containing six songs produced individually by Dr. Luke, no matter how many years that takes."


Jusnah Gadi