Remember Lastonia Leviston a.k.a Rick Ross's baby mama ? remember the sex tape? Well in case you don't let us remind you. While feuding with Rick Ross, 50 Cent sought the ultimate revenge by publishing an old sex tape staring Rick Ross's baby mama. Leviston was subsequently successful in suing 50 Cent and was awarded $7 Million in damages, resulting in 50's "bankruptcy" claim. 

In typical 50 Cent fashion, he isn't taking anything lying down. In a new lawsuit filed on the 28th Jan, he is bringing cation against his former lawyers Reed Smith, specifically lawyer Peter Raymond who led the charge. This is not the first time 50 has gone after his former counsel , but this time his grounds are that the case was not only mishandled but that he was badly informed to file bankruptcy. The claim states “Reed Smith and Raymond did not follow established legal standards in representing Jackson in the Leviston Case by failing to provide effective representation and conduct proper pre-trial and trial preparation prior to the Leviston trial...In addition, their lack of effective representation and inadequate pre-trial preparation and preparation for trial caused Jackson to retain new counsel on the eve of trial.”

“Unfortunately, this is not the first time Mr. Jackson has been required to commence litigation in connection with the past administration of his legal matters,” 50 Cent’s new attorney Arthur L. Aidala says in a statement to The Wrap. “While it would have been preferable to resolve this dispute privately and amicably, he felt it necessary to pursue this matter further. Mr. Jackson is fully confident that all claims will be resolved in his favor in the near future.”

50 is seeking $7 million in actual damages and $32 million in punitive damages.