Universal Music Group must be well used to it, I mean these lawsuits seem to be coming on a monthly basis. 

To add to the long list of suits agains UMG, Richard Carpenter [surviving member of iconic three time Grammy winners 70s band 'The Carpenters'] is suing UMG for $2Million, his sister Karen Carpenter's Estate is also named as claimant. 

Carpenter claims that he is owed for unpaid royalties from licensing deals with digital music platforms such as iTunes. This suit follows an influx of suits after the president set in Eminem's Aftermath case which ruled that artists should earn more from the digital music pie. 

In a statement to the press, Carpenter's lawyer Larry Iser says "It is unfortunate that the Carpenters were forced to file this lawsuit primarily over an issue that has already been resolved by the courts — but which these record companies still refuse to acknowledge — that digital downloads occur pursuant to license and are not sales of records" 


Jusnah Gadi