Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

You may have seen Pitbull's video "Sexy Beaches", which is a creative spin on exactly what the song and video is set to represent. The video was subject to a $1 Million deal with 'Visit Florida' in an effort to promote Florida tourism. 

The video attracted a lot of scrutiny with State legislators arguing that the video is a tarnished representation of Florida (watch the video below), what are your thoughts?

Subsequently, Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran filed a law suit against Pitbull's production company - PDR Production - demanding full disclosure of the contract on the grounds that it contained 'trade secret' and that the taxpaying citizens of Florida have the right to know how much he was paid. 

We're not sure of any law which requires such disclosure, please fill us in? Nonetheless Pitbull took to Twitter to reveal the contents of the contract. 

Still unsatisfied Cocoran said: "It is unfortunate that it took litigation to  lift the veil of secrecy on this particular contract. This was a long, unnecessary journey through claims of trade secrets, threats of prosecution and corporate welfare paid for by taxpayers". Self inflicted perhaps? Should've let the man live. 

See the "Sexy Beach" video here: