Pharell Williams Talks Owning Your Own Masters, 'Hidden Figures' and Gender Bias.

Pharell, who is known for his wonder productions, style and debatable weirdness, sat down with the Breakfast Club to promote the upcoming release of 'Hidden Figures'. Pharell, who is a producer and composer for the NASA film starring Kevin Costner, Tarji P Henson and Janelle Monae, speaks about the importance of this film to highlight the outstanding contribution women, particularly black women, have made to the advancement of Science.

He continues with pride how this film positions black women in a way which goes beyond the usual portrayal,  he says:

"You have three African American female protagonists not talking about divorces or consoling each other or burning up the range rovers; none of that. These were three African American female protagonists who were scientists, engineers, mathematicians, technologically advanced, so that blew my mind...”

Jusnah Gadi