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YMB's growth and impact is reliant on the support we receive from our networks and there are various ways you can get involved to help us reach new heights. 

Are you well versed in your sector? Do you have some time to give back? Are you an inspiration? Get in touch. We want to create opportunities for young people and provide the necessary guidance and support needed to reach their career goals. To become a mentor get in touch today!


If you are young and full of ideas, a self starter, motivated, talented and think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you. Tell us why YMB needs you by e-mailing with your CV.  

Current internship opportunities: 



Online Editor 


Social Media 


At YMB we have various sponsorship opportunities - to support our organisation as a whole or particular events. We are constantly looking for companies with similar aspirations to support our initiatives. So if you are a company with a focus on young people, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship ...why not sponsor us?


We are always looking for like minded brands to collaborate with. At YMB we want to disrupt and elevate ...if that is your language why not become a partner today ?


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